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Our way of doing things well.

In business since 1966, Jaó was a pioneer in the industrialization of Beef jerky and Jerked Beef in Brazil. Throughout almost 50 years won the recognition and trust of the market, working with internationally recognized quality standards.

Located in Santana de Parnaíba, the state of São Paulo, the company serves the domestic and foreign markets. In Brazil alone there are more than 4,000 customers, from hypermarkets to industrial kitchens, which from north to south prove the quality of our products.

The Jaó starts a new phase with a new visual identity, new products and new markets and to walk this path of success, we count on you

Attentive to market needs, the Jaó constantly investing in equipment and technology, always maintaining the operational excellence and total quality of its processes and products.

Tradition and technology working together

In order to allow moments of joy to the Brazilian people, we produced with love and tradition, the best beef jerky Brazil. Attentive to market needs, the Jao constantly investing in equipment and technology, always maintaining the operational excellence. Therefore, we see the quality of our products our core values.
The acquisition of raw material, which comes from inspected slaughterhouses and officially certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, salt, reputable salt of Rio Grande do Norte, everything is closely monitored by professionals of the SIF, which maintains headquarters in the company, and our rigorous Quality Department.


Feed and nurture our consumers, honestly, with unique flavor and the best quality.


To dream and never be completely satisfied with our results.


Always work with ethics and respect.

Quality first.

Valuing who actually does the company.

Customer focus.

Taking good care of our planet.

Value life.


To be recognized for its tradition, thus increasing the value perceived by the customer, always combining the know-how with new technology to become one of the great brands in the Brazilian food sector, while respecting our employees, customers and consumers.

Our Products
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